The plugin provides User Interface to store sorters. Store has been able to work with multiple sorters for a while yet grid has no UI to add or remove these sorters. Clicking on a column header removes all store sorters and adds the clicked one.

MultiSort plugin solves this problem by adding new menu items to the column menu. The menu items can then be used to manipulate sorting by individual columns.

Live Demo

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Main Features


Version 1.0.0 for Ext 4.x and Ext 5.x24. February 2015

Product Images

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Quick Start Guide

  1. Extract the downloaded zip file anywhere in your http server accessible folder
  2. Navigate to http://localhost/where-you-unzipped/jozok-grid-multisort/docs
  3. Follow the instructions in the Getting Started Guide


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  1. This is an excellent plugin, thanks for sharing it. You have a small bug at line 327 of saki-grid-multisearch-5/src/grid/MultiSearch.js. The delimiter for the value join should be the variable configured for the tool: value = value.join(me.inSeparator);

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