This plugin finds first tree column in the tree panel or tree grid it is plugged into and implements a custom template that renders tree node icons using glyphs from Font Awesome, or another icon-font. It also understands iconColor field that can be used to set icon colors.

Live Demo

Main Features

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Version 1.1.0 for Ext 5.x1. February 2015

Product Images

Note: These images show version 1.0.0

Design Goals

The main goal was simply to implement support for Font Awesome and other icon-fonts and have the possibility to set colors of icons.

Quick Start Guide

  1. Extract the downloaded zip file anywhere in your HTTP server accessible folder
  2. Navigate to http://localhost/where-you-unzipped/saki-tree-icon/docs
  3. Follow the instructions in the Getting Started Guide

Known Problems


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  1. Yes, if iconCls comes from the server in the response then it is honored and displayed. See the client/server communication of the example above and you’ll see that icon is in the response.

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