Ext, Angular, React, and Vue

I had an opportunity to work also with non-Ext frameworks while I was integrating wonderful Bryntum Scheduler and Gantt to Angular, React and while doing so I had to learn about the other frameworks. I already have a lot of experiences with ExtJS and I have written many large production-grade applications in this framework.

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Configuring ViewModel Hierarchy

The correctly implemented ViewModel hierarchy in Ext 5.x MVVM applications provides for more robust, modularized and well-written large applications. Read this article to write big, yet maintainable, expandable and bugless applications.

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Lightweight Theming

Theming in Ext does not need to be a difficult lot of work. It is very easy to implement color variations of an Ext theme, and that is sufficient for many projects anyway.

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Single File ExtJS 5 Application w/o Sencha Cmd

Although Sencha Cmd is a very useful tool for application scaffolding, creating view, controllers and models, sometimes it is faster to use a single-file app. It is especially useful for fast testing, prototyping or concept proof. Read how to do it.

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