Configuring ViewModel Hierarchy

The correctly implemented ViewModel hierarchy in Ext 5.x MVVM applications provides for more robust, modularized and well-written large applications. Read this article to write big, yet maintainable, expandable and bugless applications.

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Single File ExtJS 5 Application w/o Sencha Cmd

Although Sencha Cmd is a very useful tool for application scaffolding, creating view, controllers and models, sometimes it is faster to use a single-file app. It is especially useful for fast testing, prototyping or concept proof. Read how to do it.

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ExtJS 5 Grid Without Store

“Hey, Saki, wait a minute. You must be kidding. Grid must have a store; it is a required configuration option.”
Find out if and how it is possible to have an ExtJS 5 grid without store config option.

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On ExtJS 5 Chained Stores

Chained Stores, introduced in ExtJS 5, allow to use one store in multiple views with independent filtering and sorting. This article discusses what they really are, what are drawbacks and it also provides a playground application that.

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Ext Grid Renderer Danger

ExtJS grid renderers are the powerful tool that can, if used correctly, greatly enhance the user interface. However, you can run into several gotchas. This article demonstrates what problems can renderers introduce and explains how to avoid them.

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