Grid with Bound Form in Window

This example illustrates how to implement a common scenario where UI consists of a grid that shows a read-only list of records and a form where it is possible to edit these records. The same form can be used to add a new, blank record. All four CRUD operations are implemented with writes to the server. The demo server does everything like a real server except writing to a real database.

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ViewModel Hierarchy

This example shows how to configure view model in a hierarchy. This technique helps to modularize and encapsulate view and their view models better and create more robust, well-written applications.

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Ext Localization Concept

This example shows one of the possible ways of localization of Ext applications. It aspires to become an ideal system for localization, after more development, debugging and testing.

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Loading many stores at once

Many, often unnecessary, server requests can have a serious negative impact on the Ext application startup time. This example shows how to minimize number or server requests by loading many stores with data from one server request/response.

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ExtJS 5 Complex Data Binding using MVVM

This example shows how to use MVVM architecture, new in ExtJS 5, to bind a record selected in the grid or data view to form and template panel. It also shows how to synchronize selection in grid and data view.

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Single File ExtJS 5 Application w/o Sencha Cmd

Although Sencha Cmd is a very useful tool for application scaffolding, creating view, controllers and models, sometimes it is faster to use a single-file app. It is especially useful for fast testing, prototyping or concept proof. Read how to do it.

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Routing in ExtJS 5 using MVVM

This example shows how to implement routing in ExtJS 5 application. The application uses MVVM architecture and the routing is implemented in a mixin for main view controller.

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