Displaying 1:n Data in Grid

Imagine that you have a one-to-many relationship in your database, for example, you have table person in which you keep personal data (first, middle, last names, etc.) and you have table phone where you keep phone numbers (phone type, phone number).

It is quite common to have person:phones, company:phones, order:items, invoice:items, etc relationships.

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xtype defined

There has been a lot of confusion I have observed on the Ext Forums as to xtype. Some people ignore it fully, some think that it is what it is not. So I’ve decided to clarify it.

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Extension or Plugin?

Should we code our special functionality we need to add to Ext or Touch as extension or as plugin? This article discusses differences and use cases of both approaches to give you all information you need for right decisions on the matter.

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Array Overrides

On the way of development of my project I came to need to have set methods for javascript Array object especially intersection. Googling has shown

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