What is a Program

Although the word program is not very popular anymore, it still best explains that intangible part of computers, software, that is at least of the same importance than hardware. Find out more…

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Ext Grid Renderer Danger

ExtJS grid renderers are the powerful tool that can, if used correctly, greatly enhance the user interface. However, you can run into several gotchas. This article demonstrates what problems can renderers introduce and explains how to avoid them.

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What is an xtype

Although xtype has been around since Ext 2.0, there is still a lot of confusion on what it is, how can it be used and what it is good for. The clarification in this article gives you all information you need to use xtype (and other [a-z]types) effectively.

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What is a computer?

Why should we even seek an answer to this question? Everybody knows. We use them every day, they’re all around us and we cannot even imagine life without them. Well, you wouldn’t believe how many people cannot give you a definition, even if they use computers all day long.

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What is an Education?

Do you have a bad experience with formal education or education in general? Read this article to find out why and to know what the education really is.

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What the hell is mon and mun?

Event listeners are installed by calling on method in Ext and Touch. However, there is also other possibility and that is calling mon. Read the article to find out what is the difference and what are benefits of mon/mun.

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What is an event?

Event are often misunderstood as to their origin, purpose and handling. You can find in-depth definition of events which knowledge gives you the potential ability to effectively use them in your applications whether small or large.

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xtype defined

There has been a lot of confusion I have observed on the Ext Forums as to xtype. Some people ignore it fully, some think that it is what it is not. So I’ve decided to clarify it.

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