Old ExtJS IconMenu Plugin

This plugin adds menu and dblclick handler to a window/panel icon. Default menu contains Restore, Minimize, Maximize and Close items. Also, you can close the window by dblclicking the icon by default.

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Old ExtJS GridSearch Plugin

Ext.ux.grid.Search Plugin adds searching capabilities to Ext grids. It creates menu and trigger field in a grid toolbar where user can select which fields to search and enter the text to search for.

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Old ExtJS CellActions Plugin

Cell actions are small images, icons, that fit into grid cells right of the value.
When an icon is clicked beforeaction event is fired first followed by action event. Action can be cancelled by returning false from beforeaction event handler.

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Extension or Plugin?

Should we code our special functionality we need to add to Ext or Touch as extension or as plugin? This article discusses differences and use cases of both approaches to give you all information you need for right decisions on the matter.

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