Ext.ux.MsgBus Plugin

Recently I’ve been looking for a better way of inter-component communication in Ext so I’ve read a couple of posts with Message Bus implementations, I’ve

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What the hell is mon and mun?

Event listeners are installed by calling on method in Ext and Touch. However, there is also other possibility and that is calling mon. Read the article to find out what is the difference and what are benefits of mon/mun.

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Mastering Ext.Direct, Part 3

You cannot use the return value of an API function call as result is not know at the moment of the call return. It is never stressed enough that Ext.Direct calls are ASYNCHRONOUS.

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Mastering Ext.Direct, Part 1

Rich Internet Applications (RIA) consist of two parts: client side and server side. Client cannot call server functions directly but sends requests, server processes them calling the appropriate functions and returns results back to client. Ext.Direct makes it look like we are calling server methods directly at client.

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