How to remove all children of a tree node

Code in this post can be obsolete, however, principles and theory may still apply.
Suppose we want to remove all children of the node node:

while(node.firstChild) {

That’s all there is to it

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  1. Hi, I am trying to remove the nodes like in your example and than add them again. Firstly I have a memory leak after that, and also sometimes i have an awfull “ is null
    error source line: [Break on this error] Ext.ToolTip=Ext.extend(Ext.Tip,{showDe…ithin(,true)){return;}” error );

  2. Just to bring to ppls attention, there’s a new removeAll method on the tree node. Looks like its only in version 3.2 and not 3.1 (worked that out the hard way). removeChild also doesn’t work in 3.1 but fixed in 3.2.

  3. are you the maker of the extjs wordpress template?

    i like it and i see the features of 2.0?
    is this still under development??


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