Styling ExtJS grid rows using getRowClass()

The example shows how to use Ext.grid.View method getRowClass to style individual rows or the grid. Here we change only grid background color but it is possible to change the font weight (bold/normal), font color or other attributes.

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About Examples

Each example has a page where you can find the complete information on it: description, main features, runtime, source code, and other. Examples are grouped

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Old ExtJS Examples

Examples application from my old website. The code of examples was written in/for ExtJS 3.x therefore it won’t work without modifications in Ext 4.x. However, the principles and coding practices can still be very useful.

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Displaying 1:n Data in Grid

Imagine that you have a one-to-many relationship in your database, for example, you have table person in which you keep personal data (first, middle, last names, etc.) and you have table phone where you keep phone numbers (phone type, phone number).

It is quite common to have person:phones, company:phones, order:items, invoice:items, etc relationships.

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