Binding Grid and Form in ExtJS 5

This advanced example shows how to use ExtJS 5 MVVM architecture to bind the record selected in grid to form. The record is editable both in the grid and form and form buttons are enabled and disabled according to the record valid and dirty state.

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ExtJS 5 Simple Login System Example

Professional Ext applications require users to login. This example shows how to get logged-in user data from the server before the application actually starts and how to require user to login.

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ExtJS 5 Grid with Memory Paging Example

This grid is backed by store that uses data from a static JavaScript array yet it supports paging. The key is to use Memory Proxy with paging enabled. It also works in ExtJS 4, only proxy must be changed to PagingMemory Proxy.

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Downloading File

This example shows how to create a button or link for downloading a file. The example creates hidden helper iframe and hidden form. Iframe is the target of the form submit. Return the correct HTTP headers from the server is crucial.

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