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Yeah, I know, there has not been a new content here for years. It is not that I would have abandoned ExtJS or software development, it is not that I wouldn’t have anything new to write about. I have been very busy on several big and interesting projects so I started to think almost exclusively about them. “Now I have to design this architecture, now I have to develop this module or component, or now I have to fix that nasty bug so I don’t have time for anything else” and similar thoughts have led to this “lack of news”. Furthermore, we had some technical problems because the original site was a member of WordPress multisite installation but it had shown up that the better would be to have it in a separate WordPress. The whole drudgery of moving it out of the multisite took some time too. (Sigh, I’d like to get rid of WordPress completely but I don’t have (yet) any replacement.) Anyway, the site is out of multisite, maybe suffering from some minor glitches but out and I’m in the frame of mind where I’m willing to write about something interesting from time to time. By the way, do you have something specific what would you like me to cover?
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