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Yeah, I know, there has not been a new content here for years. It is not that I would have abandoned ExtJS or software development, it is not that I wouldn’t have anything new to write about. I have been very busy on several big and interesting projects so I started to think almost exclusively about them. “Now I have to design this architecture, now I have to develop this module or component, or now I have to fix that nasty bug so I don’t have time for anything else” and similar thoughts have led to this “lack of news”.

Furthermore, we had some technical problems because the original site was a member of WordPress multisite installation but it had shown up that the better would be to have it in a separate WordPress. The whole drudgery of moving it out of the multisite took some time too.

(Sigh, I’d like to get rid of WordPress completely but I don’t have (yet) any replacement.)

Anyway, the site is out of multisite, maybe suffering from some minor glitches but out and I’m in the frame of mind where I’m willing to write about something interesting from time to time.

By the way, do you have something specific what would you like me to cover?

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  1. Nice to hear from you. Your site was a source of inspiration for me.
    I’m still developping with ExtJs, and I think your posts will still be valuable for me.

  2. Hello Saki, nice to read you again! I’m still develop with ExtJS and will be glad to know anything newand useful. Especially what is interesting, ways of optimizing sencha compiling, productivity tools for IDE and text editors, useful templates of developing.Also, what is about React-ExtJS pair? Do you use it?

  3. I appreciate the content you’ve given in the past. It has got me from point A to B. I think at this stage, I’m well versed with extjs. I think I am curious about your thoughts on the acquisition of Sencha. Our company is still moving forward with using extjs as we are heavily invested in it.

  4. Hi Saki, its really been a long time! Nice to have you and your posts back..
    Maybe you could write a little about uploading files using extjs and web api 2, or maybe creating a composite image from multiple images using surface.flatten (the problem i am unable to solve is how to wait for all sprite images to load before flattening their surface)!


  5. Welcome back Saki!
    We are now on extjs 6.x and have no plans to abandon extjs….

    It is too bad that “panel” does not remember where it was last “Dropped” without a bunch of coding… (grid remembers!) -> I have seen you old drag and drop yellow sticky notes….


  6. Hello Saki!

    It’s good to have you back!
    It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on the current state of ExtJS. There has been a lot of Sencha related events since your last blog post. Do you think ExtJS is a viable choice when starting a new project nowadays? If not, what alternatives do you recommend? Have you used ReactJS or VueJS in your projects? What are your thoughts on these?

    Thanks, and good luck!

  7. Responsive design with ExtJS (one toolkit (classic or modern), main content layout and navigation which adapt to desktop, tablet and mobile screens).

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