File template for CSS files.

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Code in this post can be obsolete, however, principles and theory may still apply.
CSS File Pattern
/** vim: ts=4:sw=4:nu:fdc=4:nospell
 * A CSS File
 * @author    Ing.Jozef Sakáloš
 * @copyright (c) 2008, by Ing. Jozef Sakáloš
 * @date      5. April 2008
 * @version   $Id$
 * @license A CSS File is licensed under the terms of the Open Source
 * LGPL 3.0 license. Commercial use is permitted to the extent that the 
 * code/component(s) do NOT become part of another Open Source or Commercially
 * licensed development library or toolkit without explicit permission.
 * License details:

/* eof */
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