I would like to say, Thank you!

Recently I’ve received very nice Private Message on Sencha Forums from Sosy and I’d like to share it with you (with the author’s permission). Here it is:

Hello Saki, i would like to say, thank you!

I am new to ExtJS, comming from the PHP/MySQL side (still loving it, but its different already now) (sounds familiar?).

Started for 3 weeks with ExtJS, didn’t like Javascript, cause to abstract for my eyes and head. Read a lot in this forum, started try and error, loaded a lot of examples, tried to figure out why what works and how.

And above all, i am using a lot of your scripts to learn, i love it how you did things.

Tomorrow i started reading about Extjs again (that is my start in the morning, coffee (my own, because i am an coffeeroaster, Firefox, google -> ExtJS) And then read anything what i can find about it.

Bought a book, (ExtJS cookbook, which sucks, nothing in it to use for me) and so on.

But the highlight of tomorrow, or even better, since i started with Ext, was in your blog, found under philosophy.

First of all the leading commata issue, men, Saki i almost had spoken some curses on you as i start to struggle with your code and saw the leading commata.

What i thought was, geee, it says Author: Ing. Jozef Sakalos, well only an Ing. can be this abstract, no wonder that he can programm in Ext.

Then (i only admit this to you, but more on that later) i started to reorder your scripts, remove the leading commata. (shame). But for me that was a good start to go through the code, the calls and so on.

Now it comes, why i want to say thank you!

Then i read your second post under philosophy, Changing viewpoint to Ext

I started reading and, for the first time in 3 weeks i saw some light at the end of the tunnel, reading that you came from the PHP/MySQL side, and how you discriped the fact of what and how you assume it has to work, in reflect to Ext (exactly as how i see it) and on how it has to be.

This all together is changing my thoughts incredibly, even the leading commata thing, i still can believe that i will do that, because it looks really, really ugly for me, but i am also someone who can lay down old habits, if there are really good argumenst.

Thanks Saki, you gave me hope on keep programming in Ext and try to learn it.

Regards from an Dutch guy living in Germany,

Paul Willemsen aka Sosy.

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  1. Thanks alot for your help – I start noticed ext in ver 1 and hate how people showoff their skills in the official forum with no real help for beginner

    and I stopped learning ext thinking the people made only want money now I can learn and use it only because of you !

  2. I am in too. I am still in the learning curve of ExtJS. It’s been a long road and still too much to reach my destination. Thanks we have Saki’s work to ease the way.

    Hope my English would be better to express my gratitude!


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